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Angel Has A Message For You

Pick an angel number. Approach this reading with an open heart. Don’t pick a number because it has significance for you. Only choose the number which attracts your eye the most.

Angel Number: 5566

This is not a ‘big’ message, rather simply a bit of guidance to keep in mind over the next few days and weeks.

  • Put ‘relax’ on your to-do list. Treat yourself, put off some tasks until later. The angels remind you that fun brightens your smile. And when you smile, the world smiles back.
  • Think of one little thing that made you smile in the past week. Your angel says, sometimes we need a reminder of how blessed we truly are.

Angel Number: 1234

  • When fear overtakes, remember the number 1 regret of dying people: they regret what they didn’t do, not what they did do.
  • People cannot read your mind, even if you feel they should. You need to tell them what you want and how you’re feeling.

Angel Number: 7788

  • Remember to listen as well as talk. Actively listen, that means keep your attention focused on the person talking and ask questions. Don’t drift off or tune out. The angels say important guidance/information will come to you this way.
  • Be alert to everything – papers, noticeboards, signs – be in the present as much as possible (not thinking about tomorrow).

Number: 9876

  • Concentrate on short-term, focused goals so that you quickly experience the flush of success. Success breeds further success.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, people will be more impressed if you keep your sense of humour and even laugh at yourself.

Number: 5678

  • Bite your tongue before saying anything negative about anyone or any situation. The Universe is listening and will send you more of what you most think (or talk!) about.
  • Make the most of every little opportunity now. You could miss out if you wait until you are in the mood to accept or start something.
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