Angel Card Presence
Guardian Angel Oracle Cards by Chrissie Astell

You Card: Presence

The Angel of Auras and Presence Says:

Our aura is the field of energy that surrounds our body, it is emitted from our cells. If you hold your arm out, that is usually how far your auric field extends.

Your auric field contains an imprint of your feelings. You know how sometimes you ‘feel’ someone is in a bad mood, although they give no visible sign of it? What has happened, is that you have picked up that knowledge from their aura. If both of you are within arms length of each other, your auric fields are mixing. You are subconsciously reading that person.

Everyone can read auric fields. It is how you get ‘gut feelings’ about another person.

NOW – the angels say be aware of what energy you are emitting. It is affecting the way people see and feel about you.

A weak presence, means you may be overlooked in romance or work. This happens when we don’t feel worthy or good enough. Remember, your needs and goals are just as valid as the next person’s. Say Yes, I’m good enough. Emit that strong energy.

A negative presence (‘nothing goes right for me’), makes people run from you.

However, a warm and positive presence, in general, attracts not only people to you but also opportunities.

So, the Angel of Auras ask you to be aware of your presence.

Because people are picking up feelings from you.

But perhaps this is something you are already working on? If so, take this as a confirmation you are on the right path.

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Karina Collins Author
Karina Collins Aura Photo. Angel of Auras.
Here is my aura photo, taken with a special aura camera.

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