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Ace of Swords Meaning |

Suit: Suit of Swords
Card Type: Minor Arcana
Tarot Element: Air
Star Sign: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Planet: Saturn
Angel: Archangel Michael

Key Meaning: Birth of a New Idea

The Ace of Swords represents the birth of a new idea. This card is the proverbial Ace up your sleeve.

Number 1 Meaning In Tarot

The number 1 represents potential, even if we can’t always see it yet. This is why all Aces, including the Ace of Pentacles, Ace of Cups and Ace of Wands indicate a new possible beginning. As the swords suit is ruled by the element Air, this card is associated with mind and thought. As such, the Ace of Swords is the birth of a new idea, it could be a new invention or a new application for an old thought in business. On a personal level it might be a mental breakthrough or a eureka moment when you get the right idea.

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Ace of Swords Description

This description is based on the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. A hand appears out of the clouds offering you a sword. The sword is encircled with a laurel wreath and crown. The wreath symbolises achievement, which could be anything from solving a problem to overcoming some personal problem that has been holding you back. The crown represents power, suggesting that by grabbing the sword on offer, you will also be taking charge of your destiny.

Ace of Swords Keywords

๐Ÿฅฐ Upright: Good idea, decision, an answer
๐Ÿ˜’ Reversed: Bad idea, clouded judgement, secrecy

LOVE: What does The Ace of Swords Mean when You Ask About Love?

When the Ace of Swords turns up in a love reading, the meaning will depend on whether or not you are in a relationship.

๐Ÿ’– If you asked will I find love? – then the suggestion is to search online. Swords rule online communication, meaning you are most likely to find your future partner online.

๐Ÿ’– If you have just met someone, this card indicates a strong connection. You feel relaxed in one another’s company and can talk easily. This relationship definitely has potential.

๐Ÿ’– If you are in a serious relationship, the crown at the tip of this sword can represent an engagement.

๐Ÿ’– In all instances, this card represents clarity of thought. You must decide what you want, or don’t want – and then communicate those thoughts clearly in your relationships. If you keep changing your mind, the danger is people will stop listening. If you need help gaining clarity, consider going for counselling.

CAREER: What does This Card Signify when You Ask About Work?

If your question relates to work, business, career or study and you receive the Ace of Swords, then here is your guidance:

โญ• You just had an eureka moment. An idea you have related to your work, studies or project is worth pursuing. The Ace of Swords can be invention, a key piece to a puzzle, a new algorithm or a new way of presenting your ideas. It may not even be a big deal at the time, but could eventually prove very significant later.

โญ• This card represents a good idea. If you asked the Tarot about an idea to do with a job, work or study – then this is your answer. Yes, it is a good idea.

โญ•If you are struggling to do something, this card means you have focus and logic on your side, as well as the strength to see difficult projects to a successful conclusion.

Jobs associated with the Ace of Swords include anything in science, IT and tech. Also design, project management, engineering and social work. Basically, anything that allows you to be an out-of-the-box thinker. Also, medicine, particularly surgeon and mental healthcare.

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MONEY: What is the Meaning of The Ace of Swords in a Money Reading?

๐Ÿ’ฒ If you asked the Tarot about money and you receive the Ace of Swords, it means you have just had a good idea on how to improve your finances. As swords represent logic, it means you should leave emotions aside, and use logic in any decision-making process. Don’t allow your heart to rule your head.

๐Ÿ’ฒ If you asked about a significant purchase, like a house โ€“ again, the advice here is not to allow your heart to rule your head. Ask yourself can I afford this? Do your due diligence. Once you are satisfied with the worst-case scenario, then it’s safe to proceed. If this card is reversed, then it can mean you are not the victor in a bidding war on a property.

Tarot Card Combination Meanings

“Ace of Swords combined with the Tower” – You’ve had a better idea, but it involves tearing down what you have already built.

“Ace of Swords combined with Death” – If you run with this idea, there is no turning back.

“Ace of Swords combined with The Moon” – Your idea comes directly from the spirit world.

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HEALTH: What does The Ace of Swords Mean when You Ask About Health?

โœ”๏ธThe sword in this card looks like a surgeon’s knife. If you asked, will I need surgery? Then the answer is probably yes. An upright card represents surgical success.

โœ”๏ธAs swords represent the mind, this card highlights mental health. When the card is upright, it means your mental health is good and/or improving. When the card is reversed, then mental health needs more attention.

โœ”๏ธIf you asked, how will I cope if I take a certain action (like start a new job or leave a relationship for example), then you will cope just fine. If the card is reversed, however, you may struggle. This should not necessarily put you off taking a certain action, but rather prompt you to plan in advance. Now that you know you may struggle, you can put a plan in place to make the transition easier.

YES/NO: Does The Ace of Swords Mean Yes or No in a Reading?

โ“ When you ask a Yes or No question and the Ace of Swords turns up, then the answer is Yes. If the card is reversed, then the answer is NO.

TIMING: Does The Ace of Swords Predict any Particular Timeframe?

๐Ÿ•” This card is only a timing indication when you specifically asked a timeframe question. For example, if you want to know if something will happen, and when, then you need to draw two separate cards. These are in fact, two separate questions. This is a fundamental principle to understand if you want an accurate tarot reading – and it is core to my teaching in my book Tarot in 5 Minutes.

๐Ÿ•” Using my timing method, the Ace of Swords is about one day. If the card is reversed, timing will be slightly longer – so up to 2 days.

Karina’s Timing Method:
Swords are days. Wands are weeks. Cups are months and Pentacles are years. Please note this is my personal timing method. Feel free to adopt it (or not).

What is the Meaning of The Ace of Swords Reversed?

When the Ace of Swords is upside down then the Ace falls out your hand. This can mean:

โœ”๏ธ You are not thinking clearly. Your judgement is either clouded or the idea you have is a bad one.

โœ”๏ธYour mind feels blocked or foggy and you struggle to see a way forward. If you are a writer, this is classic writers block. Draw another card for guidance on how to break this impasse.

โœ”๏ธIf you are waiting for an outcome – like a competition or bidding situation – there will be a delay and/or you do not win.

โœ”๏ธOther keywords associated a reversal include: brain fog, delusion, error, lack of focus, conspiracy beliefs, unexamined life and remoteness.

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