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How I Got Hooked on Tarot

Tower Card Predictions

The Tarot predicted the collapse of my apartment

I was feeling stuck in city life, and dreamed of moving closer to the sea and starting afresh. But there was one big problem. I was shackled with an apartment that I had paid way too much for, and there was no way I could sell without taking a hit, I couldn’t afford.

You see, this was back in 2012, when the property market in Ireland had crashed, and no-one, was buying anything. In desperation, I turned to the Tarot for an answer. 

I asked: ‘Tarot, how am I ever going to sell this apartment?’

As I shuffled the cards, the Tower card flew out and landed on the floor. What a strange card, I thought. A tower block falling down. How on earth could this card answer my question?  

Within a few weeks, I had my answer. I returned home after a weekend away visiting friends. It was a particularly wet weekend, even by Irish weather standards. As I approached the apartment block, I wondered was it my imagination, or did the building look lop-sided?

It wasn’t my imagination. The block had started to sink into the marshy grounds, and soon authorities had issued a demolition order. The insurance company paid out, and I was free!

Perhaps, now you can see how I got hooked on Tarot!

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