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Every nine years, we personally go through a full energy cycle. Where you are on your cycle, can determine when you’re most likely, for example, to become a mother, fall in love, change careers, retire or begin an important area of study. Your cycle is calculated, using your date of birth and numerology. But we are here to talk about an even bigger influence, and that is, the universal influence of Mother Earth!

Earth, like us, also has a nine year energy cycle. But it is an Universal energy, meaning that everyone on the planet will experience the energy of the planet’s year number, during the year. The energy runs from January 1st to December 31st.

In 2021, the planet was in universal year 5.

Year 5 is known as the ‘wild’ year. Crash, bang, anything can happen. Expect the unexpected, is the motto of year 5. It can leave you feeling a little unsettled about the future, but looking forward to better times.

In 2022, Earth enters universal year 6. This is known as the year of love, healing and family.

Numerology Year 6 in 2022

2022 – Love is in the Air

While reading for clients in the past few weeks, I noticed that the Tarot cards were predicting love in 2022 for many more clients than normal. In particular, for clients who had no expectation of love. Some clients were in their 60’s and 70’s and believed they were ‘passed all that’. Some clients were divorced and focused on raising their kids, love was not on their agenda. And yet, the Tarot, surprised us all in their readings, by talking about romance and marriage. Literally, it started to feel like ‘love is in the air’. It was only then, of course, that I remembered, the planet is moving into a more gentle, loving phase this year. The beautiful year 6 energy.

So if love is on your mind (or not), be prepared to meet someone special this year. Or, if your relationship needs healing, this year Mother Earth supports your efforts. What is meant to be healed, and those who are meant to be reunited, will be reunited.

2022 Predictions – Healing is in the Air

There is a shift towards healing in 2022. If you suffer from chronic illness, or someone you love has not been well – know that you will be supported by a bigger wave of healing energy this year. This energy surrounds us all, and will heal where healing is possible. However, as with all energy, you can boost it by acknowledging it.

How? Repeat this affirmation for a few days, once a day in the morning is enough:

Thank you Mother Earth for healing my (whatever you need healed). I feel your grace and healing hand on my (part of body). I welcome your support. Thank you for healing me Mother.

Healing Arguments

This year, Mother Earth’s energy supports healing rifts within the family, and with friends and colleagues at work.

2022 – Family and Home is Important

This year, Mother Earth will support those who wish to become mothers and grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers. It is the great year of ‘giving birth’. This is particularly true if you’ve struggled to have children.

You are also supported if you want to work from home more permanently, or boost a business you run from home.

Finally, you are supported in moving house, selling a house, or maybe even winning a home! Home is where the heart is this year.

2022 Predictions

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